About us

Since 1978, Genossenschaft Baseltor has set the culinary and cultural agenda in Solothurn. It employs about 70 members of staff and operates Restaurant Hotel Baseltor (slow food next to the cathedral), the Solheure bar restaurant and lounge (Solothurn’s meeting place by the Aare), Salzhaus restaurant (innovative fine dining in a 300-year-old building) and event caterer HOCH3 Catering. The new La Couronne Hotel Restaurant, formerly Hotel Krone Solothurn, will reopen as Genossenschaft Baseltor’s fifth business in April 2017, with the cooperative generating total revenue of about CHF 13 million. The cooperative is sustainably managed, with the profits reinvested in the further development of the businesses and benefiting employees.

Board of Directors:
  • Matthias Anderegg, chair
  • Pia Camponovo
  • Gabi Hladikova
  • Franz Herger
  • Andreas Richard
  • Stephanie Selig
  • Martin Volkart, Delegierter

  • Restaurant Hotel Baseltor: Buphahak Phetxomphou, Sabrina Schneeberger und Pia Camponovo
  • Solheure Bar Restaurant Lounge: Sabrina Knittel und Nils Kurth
  • Restaurant Bar Salzhaus: Lea Jaussi, Ava Bachmann und Christian Härtge
  • HOCH3 Catering: Cheyenne Hess
  • La Couronne Hotel Restaurant: Claudia Vogl Baki und Murat Baki